Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Ewes

I had talked with Lori Stephanson from Sommarang Farm in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin at the last Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival last September in Jefferson, WI. I soon found out that Lori was also breeding towards UK genetics in Shetlands with fine, crimpy fleeces of moderate weight/size. She tried luring me to her farm that weekend but I resisted like a good boy and politely declined. Well I found her website and found some interesting ewes available for sale. I did some pedigree search and found that several were somewhat related with a few similiar lines, but had several nice lines that I didn't have in my flock yet. I asked her to take fleece samples from last rib, mid side and she sent them to me and I sent them to YoCom-McColl. We split the cost and waited for the results.

Two ewes struck my fancy for both conformation and fleece and I was pleasantly surprised by their microns for two year olds. Definitely something I can work with. And since I sold three ewes recently, this was going to work!
The spotted ewe with a gorgeous crimpy, single coated fleece is Sommarang Emerald who is out of Underhill Bandit (son of Bartok the F1 Minder ram) and Sommarang Comfrey (who is line bred back on Greyling). Her micron as a two year old is AFD 26.6, SD 7.5, CV 28. Her histogram showed lots of potential and I'm already giddy over what kind of crazy spots will come from her when she is bred to my Jazz (F1 Jericho) who is a spotted katmoget!

The grey katmoget with an equally crimpy, single coated fleece is Sommarang Eva who is also out of Underhill Bandit but out of V Creek Snowflake (she goes back to Minder as well as Greyling) and is the great granddaughter of Wintersky Alafair who Stephen Rouse now has. Her micron as a two year old is AFD 26.3, SD 5.1, CV 19.4. She is of course the nicer ewe fleece wise and she also carries spots. Corinne, I see two nice girls that are begging to be Mr. Spot's girlfriends! :)

I was finally able to pick up the two from Lori on my way back from Michigan where Rayna and I got a few Shetlands for improving our flocks. I only ran away with one ewe, ShelteringPines Nirvana. She is a horned grey katmoget out of Underhill Thelonius Monk and ShelteringPines Modron (who Rayna now has). Nirvana carries spots and could carry modified. She is also loaded with UK genetics. Her micron was as a yearling AFD 27.3, SD 6.4, CV 22.3. All three will be done again this coming week. See Nirvana below!

Char Epsley of Cormo fame had purchased this white BFL lamb named Monrovia (aka Ears) from Stephen last fall. She decided she really didn't want her anymore as she was bullying the Cormos! She may be bred to a Cormo ram so Char just asked for the lambs back. Its quite a deal!
Not to be outdone by Char, Stephen offered me this amazing colored ewe lamb (now both are almost yearlings) that has this amazing silver tone to the natural colored fleece. Both ewes are quite fine with a silky texture and amazing density and purling. This natural colored ewe, Nubia, is open as Stephen didn't breed his ewe lambs last fall.


Carol Bator said...

Nubia is beautiful. I would love to get more color in my BFL flock. But I may have to wait a couple of generations. I think all my BFL ewes are Awt/Awt.

I also think that Eva is quite a find. If I was going to keep raising Shetlands, she is the type of ewe that I would want to keep.

Somerhill said...

How beautiful! Wish I could see their wool better. They look like lovely ewes!
I understand that BFL-Cormo wool is just gorgeous. Kat Smith from Stonesthrow Farm has some, and has won handspinning fleece competitions with it.

Juliann said...

Lori has some absolutely incredible sheep! You found some real gems!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

My goodness, I've been out of touch for too long! I saw Rayna's post on her new sheep, but it didn't click that I hadn't seen an update from you about that trip. (When you "follow" over 100 blogs, that can happen I guess!) You have lots of sheep, but I see you are successfully selling some, too. Good for you!

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