Friday, February 27, 2009

What have I done!

I just entered Sadie in Rally Novice at the National. This ought to be fun! LOL

So Sadie is entered in six 'classes', Oliver in two, Justice in two and I am getting Zoe and Ell CERF'ed again while down there. I haven't even entered any of them in the herding trials yet, and I still have until April 2nd to enter the Three Trails Specialty the Sunday after the National. I also ordered a catalog, a microfiber bag with goodies, an Annual Banquet Dinner Ticket and that's all this body can afford right now! Spending so much at one time is mind boggling. I like it when its every weekend.....I tend to forget how much I really spend on these buggers :)

Oh but its worth it!

We are going to have FUN!


Sharrie said...

I still think that I might want to have a puppy. Of course, reading your blog and others that you list is not helping my infatuation.

Kara said...


Good luck! Will the Nationals be televised?

penni said...

It's hard not to enter everything, isn't it? BUT it's the Nationals. You often cannot make it because it's too far, so when it is within shouting distance, you have to make the most of it. I cannot believe how excited I was when I realized it was "only" 850 miles each way!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

So, how is the herding practice coming along with the kids then??? We start at 9am tomorrow if you want to get in some extra practice time!

Sarah said...

I feel your pain, Garrett! Add to that the every-weekend trials for agility and/or obedience so that my dogs can get practice and try to be ready for the specialty, and the money just seems completely ridiculous. I say that every time I send another entry in, but it doesn't seem to stop me from sending the next entry! I think that if you don't enter what you want to at the specialty, you'll always wish you had. :-) See you soon!

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