Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cardigan Magnet

Oliver has taken a liking to my friend Jamie. For some reason a few months ago on one of her visits, he decided he really liked her. And he sits on her lap when she comes to visit. The entire time. What a traitor! Last night Libby and Jamie came over and Oliver sat on both of their laps and I think he finally felt sorry for me so he sat on mine briefly.

Anyway when Jamie and Libby first got there I was checking my blogs (yet!) so they sat on the couches...See what happened below:
Jamie had all the girls lined up on the couch Zoe, Sadie and Ell. I had to race to find my camera without disturbing them.
Jamie then lifted Justice onto the couch and Oliver got jealous! My mom had to try and find where I left the camera without them getting up!
In a matter of seconds my mom took 5 or 6 photos of them before Justice got bored and squirmed off! Its rare that they sit with me as they are usually all playing. Apparently they are just content to sit with her. Interesting......


dreameyce said...

That's funny! My 4 almost never cuddle up with my Hubby, but if I sit down, I have at least 2 on me as soon as my butt's planted, and 2 more shortly after.

I don't think I've *ever* seen all 4, let alone 2 cuddled with him. Just one at a time.

Sharrie said...

Hmmmmmmmmm Cute dogs and good taste, too. Just kidding. You were real lucky to get them all together like that.

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