Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting ready for the Nationals

Yup. it will be here before you know it! And i'm definitely crazy bringing all 5 Cardigans! :)

Let's see: Sunday we are doing the Herding Instinct Tests. I've talked to Dina Delsman and she thinks I should just enter the Herding Trial but they have no professional training......and I know Sadie and Oliver would 'hold' if I asked them to 'wait' but Ell, Zoe and Justice ....well...not so much :)

Monday and Tuesday I have Sadie entered in Open Jumpers with Weaves (she loves to RUN fast!) and Novice B Standard (she has one leg already). We have a 3 day trial in Fargo that closes March 2nd (hint hint Dawn!) so we may have a 'move up' sheet to fill up, but with my "handler errors" I won't get ahead of myself :)

Oliver is entered in Rally Advanced Novice A but I have no hopes for us....he does well on lead, but off lead....well we have six weeks to practice...and a rally trial in Fargo before that (if memory serves me right!) So who knows what will happen! The important thing is that we are doing something together whether we qualify or not...and it'll be fun to get in the ring with him again.

Justice will be entered in the breed classes and my mentors (Barb and JoAnne) and I have decided to not enter Ell or Zoe in the breed classes as Ell is maturing and Zoe just needs a major, which I know we will not get at the National! :) They will be along for breeders to go over and critique. There is no better way to learn different views of opinions than have other Cardi people go over my dogs!

Mitcham is supposed to come along per Sarah's demands, but I don't think there will be enough room in the vehicle! I swear I'll try to bring him!

Add into that all the grooming needs (crates, tables, totes) and xpens, hotel necessities, coolers, suitcases, blankets, pillow.....*sigh* i'm tired just thinking about it all. I think I need a huge commercial VAN now...I didn't say that three letter word did I? Gross....me in a v**. What has the world come to?


Dawn said...

Sorry Garrett, much as I would love to travel up, with both the husband and son unemployed I just can't afford anything right now, specially not if I have to travel and pay those costs. But I wish you much success!

Sharrie said...

I would love to see all of those dogs in one place. I hope you and yours have very good luck with all that you decide to do.

coopercreek said...

Garrett, I never would own a van when the kids were little, but as soon as I got Cooper, I was mini van shopping. LOL. It makes it nice having room for everything, but then again, I only have two dogs. You might need a Sprinter with your gang.

Sarah said...

Garrett, if you don't have a big, fuzzy Briard with you, I might not speak to you. WAAAAAA I wanna see a Briard baby...

Seriously, once I jumped in and bought a minivan, I can't imagine driving anything else. I just love being able to fit everything in, still get good gas mileage, and have room for stuff.

Saturday, Syd has an agility trial, just one day. I hate the thought of packing up for overnight, so I think I'm going to put all NINE dogs in the minivan and just go over for the day, so I can have all the dogs, walk them in between Syd's classes, etc. and know that they are not home alone for over 12 hours.

Go test drive a van for a few days, I bet you'll love it! I can easily fit 4 corgi crates and two big-dog crates without any trouble.

Jinnie said...

I went from a Ford Ranger (with GSPs) to a Ford Astro Van to a Ford E350 Extended Van. Add to that a 25' Travel trailer and a mini 23' motorhhome. It is just a matter of time :-)

kristi said...

I wish you the best of luck of luck at Nationals! Too far for me to travel in this economy right now but I definitely will be at Gettysburg in 2010...that's only a 5 hour ride for me:) And with a little extra money, hopefully another Cardigan! I will see you at regionals in OH but I can't wish you as good of luck cuz I'll be entered:)

dreameyce said...

I swore I'd never drive a mini van, or station wagon, but just bought a wagon... NOT ready to van shop yet... I'd like to feel a little young at least a few more years! LOL

I'll admit, the legacy was a good buy, with 4 dogs, 2 adults, and a kid, road trips were close to impossible, with all us SQUISHED in the 4 door sedan!

The things we do for our animals... darn critters!

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