Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Da Boys

My almost two year old rams. Both are from UK frozen semen. Jazz is on the left and he is the spotted gray katmoget F1 Jericho. Barish is on the right and he is the scurred gray katmoget F1 Timothy. Barish last year rooed his entire neck last year and most of his body before we were able to shear. As you can see he is already rooing in the neck. Both boys are more than likely homozygous black, as no moorit based lambs were born last year to moorit ewes (or ewe that carried moorit) Barish "MAY" be available this year depending on offspring. I have a yearling black small scurred ram Romeo out of him and my white ewe Rahu, that is just amazing, so he may have been replaced by his son! Micron reports pending

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