Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Normal and Mild day ;)

Oliver had his results come back last Friday from OFA for his hips and elbows. First let me show you what his report of his Preliminary Hip Exam was.

Now here is his Official report. He was still MILD for HD in his hips. Notice this time there is no shallow acetabula this time around. How could that just go away?

I also did his elbows just to see what would happen and his were "Normal"

I originally wanted to review his hips at 2 years of age to see if they were truly getting worse or staying the same. This obviously shows that there was not much difference in OFA's decision to call him MILD, and I'm OK with that. It just surprised me that Oliver's Chiropractic/Acupuncture vet said his hips didn't appear to be abnormal for Cardigans when he xrayed his spine, but also realize he did not have his hips stretched in the OFA manner either. It doesn't change my thoughts on Oliver but am glad to see that he more than likely will not get 'worse'. There also was no 'flattening' of the femur head in his xrays, which was there in his preliminary xrays.

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Rayna said...

Well at least it's not getting worse. :)

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