Thursday, September 24, 2009

BFL breeding groups more concrete

BFL breeding groups:

Beechtree Kirkdale - white twin ram - 65.6% UK (Titan, Titus, Laird, Ebony Boy)

will be bred to:
Crosswind Bea - natural colored ewe - 54% UK (Laird, CarryHouse V2, Titus, Loyalty, EbonyBoy)

ShelteringPines Morovia - white ewe - 56.6% UK (CarryHouse V2, Titus, Laird, Loyalty, Jamie, EbonyBoy)

ShelteringPines Nubia - natural colored ewe - 58% UK (Titus, Laird, EbonyBoy, CarryHouse V2, Ebony Boy, Loyalty, Jamie)

ShelteringPines Catalonia - white ewe - 61% UK (CarryHouse V2, Titus, Laird, Ebony Boy, Loyalty, Jamie)

ShelteringPines Burma - natural colored ram - 61% UK (CarryHouse V2, Titus, Laird, Ebony Boy, Loyalty, Jamie)
will be bred to:

Beechtree GlenLuce - natural colored ewe - 56%UK (Titus, Laird, Ebony Boy, Loyalty, Jamie)

Beechtree Kiloran - natural colored ewe - 45% UK (Laird, Titus, Loyalty, EbonyBoy, Jamie)

Potosi Llanddewi - white ewe - 59% UK (Titus, Jamie, Loyalty, Laird, Ebony Boy)

Crosswind Clover - white ewe - 53% UK - (Titus, CHV2, Laird, Loyalty, Ebony Boy, Jamie)

and if not bred to AI this fall:
Beechtree Kershope - white ewe - 54.7%UK (Titus, CHV2, Laird, Titan, Loyalty, Jamie, EbonyBoy) (will be bred to Burma)

Beechtree Kearsley - white ewe - 50% UK (CHV2, Laird, Loyalty) (will be bred to Kirkdale)

If the mother daughter duo do in fact get AI'ed, they will be to the Beeston Titan ram, or Rossiebank X3.

Kearsley is homozygous white, so bred to either Kirk or Rossiebank X3 (who are color carriers) will only produce white lambs, ideal for those who want to produce mules and only get white mule lambs.

I'm not breeding my twin white ewe lambs that did so well at Jefferson, nor am I breeding Kacy, my natural colored ewe lamb out of Burma x Kershope. They will stay in the bachelorette pen this fall with the Shetland ewe lambs :)

To say I'm excited about these BFLs is an understatement! With only two ewes that have any kind of obvious fault (others having only slightly minor ones) the opportunity for great lambs is pretty high!

I plan on putting the BFLS together around October 15th, that's just over 2 weeks away! Yikes!!

Mule post is next......

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Juliann said...

Breeding season is almost here! Isn't it freaking exciting!?!?

Only six months away from lambing!!!!

I'm SO lame. :)

But may the excitement NEVER wear off!

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