Sunday, September 27, 2009

SABRINA ROCKS! (lots of fleece photos!)

After a sunny morning the day grew dark and it got windy and started to pour out. Sabrina arrived around 5pm and we started looking at sheep in the very cold weather! She mentioned she had her 12x zoom 8.8 megapixel camera along and we took nearly 100 photos! It is SO wonderful to have a fellow shepherd around to help take photos....they seem to know the kind of photos we both like ;)

These are the best of each sheep that we took photos of (we were extremely cold..working with wet sheep in the wind!)

The photos have been re-sized as they wouldn't download otherwise to if you click on them they may be ok. Its really hard to photograph super fine crimp with any kind of flash (so we found out today!) so some of them you have to look really hard :) But I can assure you its REALLY there!

Below is WhitePine Barnabas - fawn katmoget - 75% UK F1 Orion F2 Timothy. His crimp is so fine, it was hard to get a photo of it!
WhitePine Benaniah - 62.5% UK - F1 Orion out of Lambo. He MAY have abherant horns as they are growing funny. nice moorit color. MAY be for sale pending microns.

His twin sister WhitePine Bethany. She is just lovely.
My F1 Holly boy out of Justlalit'l Chloe. He is also super fine. WhitePine Caiphas gray katmoget.
WhitePine Ephraim - dark mioget - 62.5% UK F1 Orion. Full brother to FirthofFifth Aman.
OwlHill Miss Lilly F1 Holly, F2 Orion (81% UK) black ewe. Perfect conformation, wonderful cushy, soft, dense fleece. And the crimp shows up too!
WhitePine Lydia - 81% UK F2 Jericho, F2 Orion etc. gray katmoget ewe lamb.
WhitePine Naomi - fawn katmoget - Wintertime Blues x ShelteringPines Nirvana. She's just gorgeous!
WhitePine Philemon - fawn F1 Orion F3 Greyling F3 Jamie (75%UK)
Owlhill Pranilla 75%UK F1 Greyling F2 Orion. Gray ewe. Super depth of body, width, dense, soft fleece.
WhitePine Reuben. black ram. perfect horns and conformation. Lovely crimp coming in. UndertheSon Arapaho x FirthofFifth Rahu.
WhitePine Roman. twin to Rhodes who now lives in Mississippi. Gorgeous conformation and lovely crimp with luster.
Owlhill Queen Sarafina. Gorgeous fine crimp, luster, density, cushion, conformation. This ewe has it all.
WhitePine Sedalia. Her fleece is nearly more BFL like this year, but still super soft and fine.
Her full sister from this year, WhitePine Selah - gray katmoget smirslet ewe. May not be as fine but still lovely crimp and soft.
The last two photos are WhitePine Ulam, the F1 Minder son who I believe is light badgerface and not Ag. These were specifically for Corinne :P


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Ha Ha Ha :) You made me laugh. I'm just glad some of those photos were useful to you. You really do have some dynamite fleeces and sheep! Those OwlHill girls are absolute treasures.

Thanks for the visit. It was great to see you again!

susan said...

what is the breeding on Selah? Very sparkely, it looks like it has a silky handle to it.

Do you still have the black ram I think he was called Levi? The one that was maybe polled and was our of Jamie? DO we get to see pictures of how his wool came out?


Deb W said...

OK, now that I've wiped the drool off my chin... how does one go about buying fleeces from Ramsay Farms? I've seen 'this fleece is reserved' comments on your blog, but I can't find a link that lists any 'for sale' fleeces. Didn't you say your flock numbers about 100? Surely they were all sold in the spring, and not all reserved for next spring. ??????

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...


Gail V said...

Oh, it sounds like I missed some real fun. . . maybe. The weather was lousy, wasn't it? That Sabrina is a nice, nice shepherd.
Nice looking fleece shots, Garrett.

Theresa said...

Excellent, Garrett! Soft, fine, and crimpy (wavy), just like the standard says!

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Great pictures,Garrett. I'll be placing my order too. every fleece looks soft and lustrous. WOW Good breeding!!

Garrett808 said...

Hey Susan! I do have Levi. I kept putting him off til the end because he's so tame and easy to catch. I totally forgot to take photos of him. He is the finest I think just by looking, of all the F1 ram lambs.

Selah is out of Wintertime Jazz (F1 Jericho) and a domestic ewe named Minwawe Sterling. Sedalia is the same breeding a year before Selah. I loved it so much I had to repeat it. And I loved it! I've kept both.

Donna said...

Love the look of Selah's fleece!! Any other pictures of her??

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