Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ram Lamb Photos

Well this post was SUPPOSED to be one where I have updated photos of all the ewes. Yea. That didn't happen :) It went from a nice sunny day to a cooler, windier, darker day with rain in the forecast for this afternoon. I figured since I had the ram lambs collected in their lean waiting for Sabrina to come and pick up Courante, I would just take photos of the boys.... :) Hey its Sunday, its SUPPOSED to be a lazy day :) All of my AI ram lambs were recently weighed in between 60 pounds and 75 pounds. Not too bad for six month old grass fed Shetlands huh?

And WOW do I need a different camera!!

The first few photos are of WhitePine Ephraim. He is 62.5% UK and is an F1 Orion .Yes he is mioget, but the flash made his face much darker and less golden than it should be. His fleece is just to die for! NFS.

Side view of Ephraim.
Ephraim hiding behind WhitePine Reuben (who is out of UnderTheSon Arapaho and FirthofFifth Rahu) Reuben is going to PA in the spring.
This photos shows the nice wide rear of Eprhaim and again with Reuben.
WhitePine Barnabas (aka Bug) is my 76% UK ram lamb. F1 Orion, F2 Timothy with some Lightning way back in there. His fleece is super crimpy also. just exquisite! The last few fleece buyers that came up really loved my F1 lamb fleeces and couldn't believe how crimpy, soft and fine they were! Most of their fleeces are already reserved :) NFS

WhitePine Uphaz. 69% UK F1 Minder. He's musket, smirslet sokket with white tail. His horns are VERY slow growing in comparison to his brother Ulam, so not sure if he is a poll carrier or not? Some have said Minder was a poll carrier. NFSWhitePine Rufus. F1 Orion, fawn, intermediate fleece. Slow growing horns, his one horn when he was very little got caught in the fence and pulled off his sheath on his right hand side. He's very square and compact isn't he ? He's for sale.
WhitePine Roman. It was a toss up between his twin brother Rhodes and him. Roman has more Illget marking on his face, ears and legs, but other than that, they were pretty much identical. I did like Rhodes' face a bit better but maybe it was the Illget marking throwing it off? Roman is very crimpy and correct. F1 Orion. NFS. He was just stopping from a walk when I took this photo, so his back legs are NOT wonky!
WhitePine Phiheas. F1 Orion/F3 Greyling/F3 Jamie. 75% UK musket. long scurs or abherrant horns. Did not have horn buds at birth and took several months for any growth to start growing. He's available for sale. he could be modified too!
Phineas' twin brother, WhitePine Philemon, a fawn ram with super crimp coming in now. Longer single coat, 76% UK F1 orion F3 Greyling F3 Jamie. NFS.


Gail V said...

Hey Garrett,
sorry not to make it up to your place today, but it took 2 hours off my driving time to meet Sabrina in Long Prairie. Your boys are handsome! And I recall you yearned for wider, heftier horns when you first got Shetlands: it looks like you got your wish!

Kara said...

Nice looking ram lambs Garrett! I like the last one in the post the best. Those fuzzy cheeks and that color! WOW!

Angela Rountree said...

Garrett, you have some very appealing sheep!!Maybe I will be able to buy 1 or 2 after we move (in December). For now, I am following your example and getting all the adults in my flock tested for OPP, Johne's, and maybe CL. Also testing the goats too. I hope I don't have to cull any of my favorites.

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