Monday, September 14, 2009

Jefferson - Friday

Friday morning at 545 AM, with the assistance of my dear old Dad, we loaded up the BFLs and Shetlands into the trailer I had rented (12 foot trailer is not big enough any more...egads!) and we packed the topper full of hay and straw for the weekend.

With the sheep fed and the truck loaded with MY supplies the night before I headed out. Six hours later I arrived at Briony's place in Tomah, WI. From there it seemed like an extremely short trip (mostly because we can't shut up) and we were there by about 530pm or so? I think?

Unloading Shetlands proved interesting as the first two, the halters slipped off and we had loose sheep on the fairgrounds. Me and my gimpy foot were not prepared to handle this! VERY LUCKILY, the Shetland people ROCKED and I had everyone in the barn that was there, helping to corner and catch Peep and Castle Rock. After a brief lesson in how new halters aren't as grippy (yes I think that is a word? Spell check says 'no'.) we had the Shetlands penned and fed and watered.
Shetland girls

Shetland boys

Off to the BFL barn which was on the other side of the fairgrounds (ok a few buildings away but to a gimpy guy, it feels like miles)! After trying to figure out where to be penned, we settled on a nice area with lots of foot traffic (people, not sheep) and got everyone unloaded.

Briony doing all the work while I take pictures (hey I have a gimpy foot!) Here we have the "White Pine" BFL area. Clockwise from top: 2 mature ewes, 4 yearling ewes, 2 ewe lambs, 1 ram lamb.
Another shot of the WHITE PINE area, with the show sign and ring in the background.

Briony with Beechtree GlenLuce. Lucy stole the hearts of many passerbyers and could have been sold 10 times over, but I politely declined :) More on that reason in the next post :)

After a later than planned unloading and of course yapping with people, we headed to Ft Atkinson to find our hotel. Unfortunately neither one of us knew where it was, but we did have a lovely time driving around for what felt like hours trying to find it! After a quick shower, an email check and some delivered Jimmy John's subs we hit the hay (pun heavy) and talked well into the early hours of Saturday!


Michelle said...

I can't believe all that you are doing with a broken foot! Can't wait to hear more about the show....

Tomer said...

>> (yes I think that is a word? Spell check says 'no'.)

:) BTW, there is a good program, Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com) that adds spell check to all programs.

Nancy K. said...

It was SO good seeing you and Briony again, Garrett! I wish I could have stayed for dinner Saturday night but I'm getting pretty wimpy in my old age....

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