Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thanks Debi!

I just walked (ok limped) in the door from an awesome meeting with some new friends :) Debi Schaibly from southern Florida (the southern most Shetland breeder in that state) and her friend from Lexington whose name already escapes me, made the drive up to pick up a ram and three ewes! She also ended up taking NINE fleeces of various types and colors to work with. She said wool is in demand down there as there aren't many sheep breeders in the state.

She of course took Sedalia's fleece (hey I figured I could grow more, right?) Lavender (who is now sold), RedBud a shaela, Arapaho and Mohicans, Dixie Cup (also sold her), PiLo (her fleece from last year as PiLo is gone too), a BFL fleece Kershope, and one I cannot even was THAT exciting of a visit :)

The sheep she took were WhitePine Lot - gray katmoget ram lamb (Wintertime Jazz x BonoCreek Lavender Brown). Lot carries moorit, spots and most likely modified. His fleece, aside from Fortunatus' was my pick of the ground breeding groups' lambs. Super soft and crimpy and just a tank of a ram lamb.

WhitePine Eden - black ewe lamb( FirthofFifth Barish x RiverOaks Eliza) was one of the ewe lambs I was going to keep, but a few weeks ago decided I can't keep them all. She has a silky soft fleece too, but not nearly as crimpy as Lot's.

Minwawe Sterling - shaela krunet (Sedalia's mother). I had kept Sterling's two girls who are both just amazing out of Jazz. I figured I didn't need to keep Sedalia again and Debi could have some knock out lambs when she bred her to Lot next year.

WhitePine Rachel - gray katmoget who was flecket as a lamb(Sorry Michelle!) - (FifthofFifth Barish x Minwawe Redbud). I hadn't planned on selling her at all, and then was going to trade her for a ewe lamb from Michelle this fall. Since that didn't work out, I knew Debi would appreciate Rachel's fleece and she was just tickled with her and all the other sheep.

Debi and her friend oooooh'ed and aaaahh'ed over the lambs and ewes and rams and said that just to see the farm was worth the drive (although I don't think its that special) :) It was heartening to hear how much they loved the fleeces and enjoyed the Cardigans frapping in the front yard while we chatted about hay prices and such.

All I know is I am sending all my extra straw and hay to Florida! Small square bales of straw there sell for no less than 10.00 a bale Debi said! And crappy 'bedding' quality grass hay sells for 8.00 a bale and 'good' grass hay with little alfalfa in it is 18-20 dollars a bale. That's a far cry from 1.50 straw and 2.50-3.00 hay here! No wonder there are few sheep in Florida!

What lasted only three hours seemed like it lasted so long (in a good way mind you) and all the fleeces we went through both on and off the hoof, talk about genetics, imported rams, Debi's time when she lived in Scotland and was able to help raise sheep both on the islands and on the mainland, as well as get to know Lenice Bell quite well! I was so jealous!

Debi is already planning a return visit in the future. for more fleeces, sheep and maybe even a Cardigan...I think they worked their magic on her :)

Thanks Debi for all your wonderful praise and comments! I know they 'kids' will have fun in Florida!!

And Michelle...we'll find you something here next spring, no worries :) :)


Michelle said...

I'm biting my tongue . . . hard.

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Your fleeces are so beautiful those spinners will want more soon.

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