Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ground Breeding Groups

If you missed it, I did my BFL breeding groups a few posts ago....

My Shetland breeding groups are actually quite tiny!

Wintertime Jazz (F1 Jericho) 87.5% UK - Ab/Aa, BB/BB, Ss/Ss will have the following ewes:

ShelteringPines SnowCloud - smirslet gray katmoget ewe. This year she gave me the little black yuglet sokket ewe lamb that really belonged to Suzanne in AK. She graciously let me keep her and I'm repeating the breeding so Suzanne can get something out of her too!

Sommarang Emerald - black flecket ewe. She has not been bred as of yet, and she is already two. I wanted to use her on AI but don't want to use a virgin ewe on AI just incase she isn't breedable. It sounds silly as we AI all of our virgin heifers. I'm hoping for some flashly loud lambs.

WhitePine Rush - white ewe - F2 Orion. She didn't lamb as a yearling, so she'll go back in with Jazz in hopes of a lovely white ewe lamb.

BlackForest Tilly - black gulmoget ewe - She gave me a gorgeous black ewe lamb this spring and will go with Jazz in hopes of a pretty black gulmoget lamb.

FirthofFifth Angus - shaela gulmoget 25% UK ram will get the following ewes: (and of course all gulmoget lambs!)

WhitePine Sedalia - smirslet sokket gray katmoget ewe. Finest of my yearlings.

WhitePine Centennial - gray katmoget ewe. She gave me a gorgeous ram lamb this spring.

Sommarang Eva - gray katmoget ewe. She hasn't been bred before either and is already two. If I could, I would also AI her but afraid to take that chance.

That's it for ground breedings!

I know!

Crazy huh?

I am not planning at this point to use any of my F1 ram lambs, unless perhaps as back up rams. I had also hoped on using Angus heavily this fall, but with so many ewes slated for AI, and no ewe lambs being bred, I don't have the ewes left to put to him!

My other 10 Shetland ewes will go to the BFLs for Mule lambs.

WhitePine Columbine - black ewe with double coat. Its super soft for a primitive.
WhitePine Twix - moorit two year old who went iset. Lovely build.
WhitePine Castle Rock - gray katmoget yearling. She may get ground bred pending micron. Gave me a gorgeous ewe lamb this spring.
Minwawe Sea Breeze - moorit smirslet sokket. Too coarse for my taste.
Minwawe Dark Chocolate - jet black yearling. Beautiful structure. Very coarse (30 afd as a lamb!)
Minwawe Flopsy - moorit ewe. Proven aged ewe. I kept her daughter this year so can use her now in crossbreeding. Perfect conformation
Minwawe RedBud - shaela ewe. Smaller ewe with soft fleece for a domestic. Would like to use her to ground breeding but don't want another pen to water.
FifthofFifth Evidence of Autumn - mioget ewe. Does wonderful with AI rams, but other nice ewes to AI with this year.
RYL Rachildas - white ewe. I've kept every lamb produced here so far from her so can use her now in the crossing.
Justalit'l Shasta - Ag flecket smirslet horned ewe. She hasnt' produced what I've wanted from her in the past two years so I'm putting her to the BFL until something wonderful can be used on her.

The Shetland-Cheviot crosses and Shetland Mules will go to a Texel ram lamb. That i have yet to purchase or pick out. I have two weeks to find one and go and get him. Let's home the money comes in from working so I can do that :)


Rayna said...

Quit hoping for flashy lambs...you do this every year then get black krunets :P Use reverse psychology on the girls! lol

Somerhill said...

Garrett, there are some Texel ram lambs available in eastern Ohio - $250, and a yearling at $300. They are Bev Pearsall breeding.

Also, several Cheviot mule ewe lambs available!


Donna said...

Sedelia/ Jazz...hmmmmmmmm.
Still wish Redbud was going into that ground breeding group ;-)

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Sedalia to Jazz? Father to daughter?

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