Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jefferson - Saturday - Photos

I did manage to gimp into the ring a few times on Saturday, as Briony had my 'other' animal in the classes as well :) I did pay for it...having to be on crutches the remainder of the day and a swollen ankle on my GOOD foot for putting weight on it more than usual. A little pain, a little glory right?

The next two photos showed the Winter Ram lamb class. This was the ram lamb I purchased from Brenda this year. Brenda is showing his twin brother. Kirk and I were 2nd to his brother but that is ok. I really like his brother too :)

Mr John Stott going over Kirkdale while I scratch Kirk's neck below.

Below here you will see the Spring Ewe lamb class. Here, my Prima was in second place and just after this, she and the third place ewe were switched. My other ewe lamb is behind Carol and the judge. I think Briony is hiding from the camera? :)Here is another shot of Briony with GlenLuce, and Peggy is making notes and making sure everything is marked down properly.
Many MANY thanks to Leanne Reichert for sending me these awesome photos!! :)

Sunday's results when I get back from work!

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