Monday, September 21, 2009

Breeding groups so far....

I'm planning on putting my Texel ram lamb in with my Shetland-Cheviot ewe lambs and Shetland Mule ewe lambs on October 15th. I'm also putting my BFL rams in with my BFL ewes this day. I"m going to wait two weeks to do the BFL rams with the Shetland mules that I am going to do for Mule production and the ground breedings will be put together at that time as well.

With the AI planned for November 7th (pending final approval by Martin Daly), they will be my LAST group of ewes to lamb. I WILL put them in with a clean up ram 2 weeks after my AI, but if any do take to the clean up ram, they will be due the very end of April. Whatever doesn't cycle and settle by that time, will just have to sit out the year.

I realize this is about 5-6 weeks of lambing, but I do want to hope to move my lambing dates up to the end of March, versus the end of April. I found my March born lambs this year grew much faster and better on the spring pastures, than the May born lambs did on the summer grasses. I'll hopefully be able to have more/better data next year when this happens.

Depending on AI or not, I am not sure who exactly is going with who, and which rams will be used. As much as I'd love to use some of the F1 ram lambs, I may hold off using them (Pending outstanding micron results of course!)

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Juliann said...

Busy busy busy! Or you will be, anyway. :)

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