Friday, September 4, 2009

Worth the wait

In the spring of 2008 I was searching the NASSA online database (such a Godsend!) for F1 progeny of all of the imported rams that were 'active' in the database. I found a lady in California who had many Enfield Greyling F1 progeny, F1 Holly, F1 Orion, etc and so I emailed Susan Kimball. After several emails there was an opportunity to purchase some lambs. After several months of working on a transport, I was unable to secure transport for them and the deal fell through.

In the meantime I emailed Michelle and said she HAD to get this ewe lamb that I could no longer get. Remember the musket Butter? Michelle ended up deciding this spring that she could let her go and I did end up getting her back in July. Things work out for a reason right?

So in the meantime, most of the other sheep we had inquired about were sold to others in the Midwest and I had emailed her again letting her know that she should keep me in mind in the future when she wanted to sell any sheep. This spring she emailed me with a short list of ewes and lambs available. There were several I 'had' to have :)

Transport fell through for Black Sheep Gathering, and then it wasn't looking good for Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. Several professional haulers were not making any more trips 'east' and I was starting to panic.

Then all of a sudden a hauler, named Mona Lisa, emailed me to tell me a guy by the name of Jacob Reistler was heading to Minnesota with a shipment the beginning of September. I called him and he was not only able to bring them from Portland to Minnesota, but he was able to pick them up in California on his way back from a dispersal sale at a sheep farm and bring them all the way here!

Upon meeting Jacob I felt like I recognized him. I asked him if he went to school at NDSU (my alma mater) and he said he did. In fact as we talked we realized he graduated a year after I did in the same degree. It was a small enough 'college within a college' to recognize him, but not really 'know' him. Small world huh?

Jacob has helped with the sheep show at the Canby shows and he said that he didn't know a lot about Shetlands but these three that I brought in this time were the nicest in structure and breed type that he's seen and he's seen hundreds of Shetlands! The moment they came down the ramp I was impressed and then checked their fleeces. Crimpy, consistent, soft fleece on sturdy, solid, nicely conformed ewes!

Ok Susan you have just upped the 'ante! These girls are exactly what I'm striving for in breeding and I'm really grateful and excited to have such amazing ewes grace my farm!!

The shavings in the trailer were less than desirable...especially on poor Miss Lilly's fleece. I'll be working on that in the coming days. They are very personable ewes and seemed to take to their quarantine pen quite readily!

*click to biggify*

From left to right: Owl Hill Pranilla - 75% UK - AgAa BBBb - gray two year old ewe. F1 Greyling, F2 Orion.

Owl Hill Miss Lilly - 81.25% UK - AaAa BBBb - black two year old ewe. F1 Holly, F2 Orion F4 Holly.

Owl Hill Queen Sarafina - 53% UK - AgAa BBBb - gray two year old ewe. F2 Greyling, F3 Orion, F3 Holly, F5 Holly. (Michelle this is Inky's daughter!!)

Thanks again Susan for letting such amazing girls come to Minnesota! They might be in for a rude awakening this winter but they'll adapt! :) These girls are planned for AI this fall, so fingers crossed!


Sharrie said...

You just never know when something good like this will happen to you. Glad they make you happy.

Michelle said...

Garrett, I'm thrilled you finally found transport and it is fun to see Inky's daughter! Susan's four ewes are a definite asset to your breeding program!

Laura said...

Wow nice sheep! I'll have to talk to you about the hauling at Jefferson as I "might" get some goats from MT next year.

Becky Utecht said...

I'm glad things worked out for you Garrett. Best of luck with the AI this year.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

They look great! Good for you, Garrett.

Juliann said...

How incredibly cool is that? Good for you Garrett, these ewes are priceless!

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