Monday, September 14, 2009

GOOD People

Briony and I talked a LOT about this subject on the way to, during, and on the ride home.

Everyone that she has met at the show in Jefferson the past two years (and those that I have met) we all agreed were GOOD PEOPLE.

Not just nice, but genuinely a GOOD person. Welcoming, friendly, humorous, not afraid to talk about anything and everything, morally good, wonderful personality people. I know if I make a list, I will forget someone, but pretty much everyone I chatted with all weekend, whether they were sheep friends, prospective customers, someone sitting at our table at lunch just making small talk, the vendors, the judges, the fair employees, the list goes on and on.

GOOD People.

I can't say it enough. For those less than 48 hours that I was able to be IN Jefferson, and half of that was trying to sleep, I feel like I could have stayed for days or weeks talking and hanging out with all the sheep related folk that I met. We all hail from different backgrounds, but have a lot of the above mentioned qualities (at least i hope I have those too) that make it so much fun to sit down and talk about just about anything!

Good People.

Thank you to those GOOD PEOPLE who helped make this weekend such an awesome and much anticipated weekend. I'm already planning for next year (as is Briony!) Who knew sheep could be so much fun :) :)

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corinne said...

We are already planning for next year too...apparently, I am supposed to bring sheep....who knew?

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