Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anyone want some Old English Game Bantams?

After my mink attack last year, I had a chicken massacre thanks to my cats. I ended up only having one rooster and one hen survive the ordeal. So I contacted Choice Bantams in South Carolina who raised premier OEGBs and placed an 'order' for two fawn silver duckwing roosters and 3 fawn silver duckwing hens. After the initial introduction, they were fine. Until the cats got in again and got both my new roosters and one of the hens. We no longer have cats on our farm.

So this spring I had the Silver duckwing rooster, a silver duckwing hen and 2 fawn silver duckwing hens. Out of these breedings I was able to get BOTH silver duckwing and fawn silver duckwing roosters and hens. And now I have too many! Would you like some? I want to keep two hens of each color, 1 rooster of each color and i'm getting a pair of Blue Silver duckwings from Choice Bantams this fall sometime. I don't want to over winter so many, so on October 4th if they aren't sold by then, they are going to the exotic animal auction in Perham. They definetly won't be coming back!

I paid $25 a chicken as they are show quality, good parents and from proven lines. However I'm willing to sell at group prices to move them out :)

A silver duckwing rooster and fawn silver duckwing rooster.

A partial group photo.

Another partial group photo.

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