Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A few of 'da boyz'

Here are a few of the boys I will be using this fall.

UnderTheSon Arapaho. He's a very dense, crimpy and dark moorit boy. He's going to be a big guy when he gets older! He's an F2 Orion.

Lil'Country Barkley and UnderTheSon Mohican. Barkley is the polled gulmoget from Juliann, Mohican is the fawn katmoget (possibly modified) F2 Brent/F3 Jericho

Another shot of Barkley showing off his smooth polled noggin ;)

I just love this guy! ShelteringPines Burma who is an F2 CarryHouse V2 among many other UK bloodlines.

My father/son duo is shown here! Wintertime Jazz my F1 Jericho and his son, WhitePine Lyons, the shaela who is an F2 Jericho F4 Jamie. and 62% UK

When I first got my Shetlands I thought people were crazy for having more than one ram, but now I see the 'problem' of 'needing' so many different rams for different things!


kristi said...

What a very nice group of rams! Beautiful horns on those boys, of course I am partial to Barkley! I hope you have those flashy polled babies too:) I did not go to the bathroom when I read your post on breeding groups but after I was done I did take 2 asprins because I just have not thought about it so my head started to pound:) See I am going to Chicago w/my students in May, & then its up in the air about Cardi Nationals in April,(I may send Dixie w/Tim if I can't go). Stress, perhaps I need to relax like the Cardi's do, my Dixie sleeps just like yours do, usually sprawled out on her back on my pillows. Mitcham is very cute, oh so much grooming to do in the future! Oh, before I go, all my chicks came from McMurray's:) Thanks for coming to visit me!

dreameyce said...

What beautiful fleeces! Do you sell your wool?

I esp love the colors of WhitePine Lyons, and the 'cinnamon' color of UnderTheSon Arapaho.

As a handspinner, those fleeces look so yummy :)

Garrett808 said...

yes yes! I always have fleeces available...mostly in the raw form. is my email if you want to talk more about them! Thanks! :)

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