Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random photos

The entire ewe flock (with ewe lambs) chowing on their morning allotment of hay.

NO DOGS WERE HARMED IN THE TAKING OF THIS PHOTO. It was actually like 80 degrees that day and Sadie and Oliver were trying to fend off the heat by napping. This is how they typically sleep in the bed too :)

Isn't Mitcham just the cutest thing ever?!

Here is WhitePine Sedalia who is a Wintertime Jazz x Minwawe Sterling baby. She's uniformly crimpy, ultra soft and I can't wait to get her micron report back to see just how soft :)

The three ducks (all hens) that I'm wintering over. The Chocolate hen is the only duck that survived the mink attacks (all of them) last fall and the black and blue hens were from hatchery stock this spring and were the only two that were even 'salvageable' for my restart in the Swedish Ducks. Swedes are docile, set on eggs well (and are great moms) and are a meatier type breed. I just love 'em!

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