Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've just come to a decision

After this breeding season I will NOT breed from a ram that is under 50% UK. I will never get to my 'finest' fleeced animals without going back heavily to UK stock.

I have Jazz who is 87% and 20 microns at last rib mid side. I have Barish who is 53% UK and 21.5 microns at last rib mid side. Mohican is 50% UK and will be microned this fall. My own ram lamb, Lyons is 62% UK and will also be microned this fall.

Now two of my rams i'm using this fall...>Arapaho and Barkley are 42 and 37% UK I may change my mind on THEM (LOL) but I'm trying to only retain, keep, breed from, buy rams that are heavily UK influenced.

I've already done my calculations for the ewes being AI'ed this fall as to what percents the lambs will be. They'll range from 76.5%-56.5% so all within that limit of 50% or higher.

I still prefer my ewes to be intermediate but I think I can soften them up a lot with the right UK rams. Time will tell if what I decided to do, besides all the OTHER health factors, colors, pedigree, structure, fleece, etc etc that I have to take into contention.

Random thoughts from a random mind........


Kathy said...

Somet9imes, our random thoughts turn out to be great ideas...or not. ;) Kudos to you, Garrett, for determing what goals you'd like to accomplish.
At what age do you micron your animals? The reason I ask is that I have seen a few lambs have one fleece as their lamb fleece, but after a first shearing turn out to be quite different than expected. Not all lambs but even thought it's just been a few, I guess it's enough to notice. Of course, these Shetlands are notorious for changing from year to year! LOL! One ewe I've had for about three years now has two brown spots on her back where none were before - and they are skin deep, so should stay for a while IF she doesn't change again.
Must be Houdini sheep, eh? :)

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Hey Garrett - welcome back! Go visit my blog too... :-)

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