Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jefferson, Shetlands part 1

I am so glad I went to Jefferson! Even if the judging wasn't necessarily to my liking (I don't have to win, just wish they'd follow the standard!) I met so many of my blogger 'fans' that I could have been there all week. Wait! My throat and mouth couldn't take any more laughing or smiling! There are so many little stories I want to share but the majority of people wouldn't get them :) My 'adopted' family of Corrine, Briony, Marie and Nancy K gets it. I guess we are just mutually crazy and understand each other :) Another favorite of mine, Juliann Budde. Gosh you rock girl! I miss you already! You ALL are such good, amazing people! Love you all!


Here are Nancy and Corrine showing Nancy's two rams, American Idol and Hunter.

Another photo of the two! They look so happy!

Apparently Briony thought this was funny. Or she knew "oh hey, his good side!" Its true. If you want to take a photo of me, take it this way! :) :) Here I am getting some VM out of Lyons before his debut in the ring.

Here is Theresa Gygi winning the older ram lamb class with Apache. Just FYI I purchased his twin brother Arapaho this summer. :) Congrats Theresa! This was the only class that won with a single coated animal.

Mary Ellen getting in line behind Theresa for 2nd place with one of her spotted boys that someone else got ready for the show!

More photos to follow!

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