Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jefferson, Shetland Sheep part 2

Here is my buddy Lyons and myself out for a saturday stroll. He's such a good little guy!

Lyons feeling rambunctious so I had to hold him by the horn. He had had enough of being stacked!

My best pal Juliann having been persuaded to show with me at Jefferson! Thanks buddy ol' pal!

Centennial. She's so delicate and soft! I had three NON shetland people request to buy her. Sorry folks she's staying RIGHT here!!

Sheridan waiting patiently to go in!

For Briony and the sheep Sheridan's first time in the ring, either one of them...they did well!

Trying to fix those silly back legs....

Maybe have it now?



Corinne R. said...

No problem :-0.

Kara said...

Great post. I enjoyed hearing all abut Jefferson. Are there complete show results published somewhere?

Kara said...

ABOUT, I swear I have to proof read a little better or learn to type!

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