Monday, September 1, 2008

Packing for Jefferson, what do I need?

I'm trying to compile a list, can you help me?

1. water buckets
2. hay
3. straw
4. sheets/tarps to avoid nose to nose contact between farm flocks
5. chairs to sit on
6. business cards
7. flyers
8. pedigree book
9. pro-bios
10. grain
11-25. ???

I'm starting to panic!


Rayna said...

Couple changes of clothes.
Something to tie the water buckets to the fences with?
The sheep? :P ;) lol

Juliann said...

Bloat remedy, just in case.
Halters, farm sign & attachments, hay rake, small broom to keep your corridor clean, sm. table for your business cards, business card holder, receipt book for sheep you sell.
show kit: paper towels, small garbage bag, brushs & combs, mineral oil for shiny horns, Q-tips, wet-wipes, scissors.

Rayna said...

bandages! Ya never know when you're going to get a sliver or cut working with animals! :)

Kathy said...

Sheep...bottled water-sodas-coffee-tea for you...snacks if you are manning a booth and may not get a break...hard candy for when your voice goes...bandaids or a simple first aid kit-we always take one for us, one for the sheep...don't forget a charger for your cell phone...

and a desire to have fun! :)

Sarah said...

I will never complain about the amount of stuff I drag to a dog show again!!!

Garrett808 said...

Thanks everyone for your help!

I think I got everything! Time will tell!

Sarah! I'm used to the dog show thing. I just leave everthing in the expedition until next time...that way i don't forget anything :)

And i must agree..the sheep have LARGER things that are needed like bales of straw and hay! I'm glad the dogs just need crate pads! :)

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