Monday, September 15, 2008

Rochester...what a weekend!

TADAH! Welcome to a little insight into my dog showing and friends! Photos first, then the 'important' stuff afterwards......

Here is the 'show string' of my dogs at the Rochester dog show

Here is Sherilyn Mumme of Urbandale, IA and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi "Ransom". Sherilyn is groomer extraordinaire! If you couldn't tell she loves the color pink too :)

Ransom's breeder Tammy Johnston of Houston, MN and Rus Mumme (Sherilyn's other half) going over the finer points of Ransom before his showing on Sunday.

Mary and Erica Morris of Wahpeton, ND. These two ladies couldn't be two more amazing and awesome women. I think they are the best I've ever met! They are honest, open, helpful, caring, intelligent and most importantly FUN! As with all my friends they are amazing people, but Mary and Erica befriended me first at the FMKC and are my sponsors for that club. I can't imagine dog showing or performance events without them!

Here is Wanda Bendinelli of Olivia, MN with my Zoe (merle) and her Panda (black and white). They are litter sisters and both need a major to finish! Wanda is very proud of these girls (I am too!)

Here are Barb and Steve Peterson of Saginaw, MN. They are two of the funniest and funnest people I've met! They are Mac and Maggie's breeders and Barb currently has the #10 Cardigan in the country (Mac's dad) and she got a Group 3 and Group 1 this weekend with Mick! Congrats again!

And here is my Ell Bell Miester girl looking adorable in her crate ;)

I had a fairly good weekend....considering I almost sent my dogs with
Mary and Erica Morris because I couldn't really afford to go, but man am
I glad I did!

Saturday Bendi Ebonwald Smthng 2 Prove aka Zoe, received a FOUR-Point
major and BOS over a special under Lester Mapes! It was tough competition all weekend with 5 bitches needing only a major to finish! Vermillions Mr McGregor was RWD the same day. Sunday,Merrymoon Ebonwald I'm a Q.T. aka Ell, received a THREE-point major under judge Edgar Bajona and BOW/BOS. it was great competiton and everyone there both dogs and handlers were at the top of their game. Ell now has 8 points. Mac was WD that day for another point! He is at 5 pts now.

To the Fernbriar clan....the light boxes that were prizes on Sunday for the
Cardigans were simply amazing and I'm very impressed with them! Its
always fun to 'win' something besides the ribbons when you are showing!!
It was my first time at the Rochester show, and I encourage you all to
think about it next year as its a wonderful venue with plenty of hotels
and restaurants and huge shopping mall nearby.

Congrats Diana and Mac again on finishing Dandy, it was nice to see
Marla there in the ring with us too!

I truly was stunned winning the major on Saturday as there were five
bitches there that just needed a major to finish, so I was in good
company. Literally everyone that I know in Cardigans in the area was
there, and also some Pembroke friends and 'other' breed friends! thanks
for making it such a memorable win in front of so many friends and good

It was so much fun this weekend and I have to thank Barb Peterson for saving us enough grooming space with the "CRIME SCENE, DO NOT CROSS" ribbon! How funny was that AND how easy was it to find! Thanks everyone for sharing for lunch on Saturday....Mexican style! That dip was amazing and the tacos were good! Steve's Birthday cake was great too and I don't know if I needed to bring the extras home with me...because I'll eat them! lol

Saturday night in Kim's RV was fun and lots of laughs! Thanks for the wine (both good and better) and I hope to see everyone again NEXT time! Hey I'll share! Its just been almost THREE YEARS since my last major on a dog! :) It will all even out someday :)


Cindy said...

So glad you made it in this weekend, even if you don't know how to share-heehee. Oh well, Emmy's day will come.

Your girls are gorgeous and they showed so great. You have every reason to be proud-it's been a long dirty road to this day.

The wine, the food, the friends, what could be better? You missed getting my picture!

Can't wait till St Paul----the Sumjammin Crew will be in high spirts then!

Luv ya!

Sherilyn said...

Garrett, despite all of our teasing about "sharing", we are all very happy for you. Both your girls showed beautifully, and it was great to see you have a fun weekend! We're all glad you decided to come on down and play! I think Rus was finally glad when you and I "shut up" Saturday night so he could go to sleep. It just seems like it's been much too long since we've had time to really talk...and we enjoy your company. :)

Have a great week and we'll see you in St. Paul! I promise to make more of the dip AND Butterscotch bars, since I was informed by a few people that I am now allowed to bring both (or is that ordered?? hehe)

Looking forward to next year.

Hugs and love,

kristi said...

I love the pics of the show! I use to have a Pembroke, she was only a pet as she had a heart murmur. She was given to at 6 weeks old. A breeder who use to come into the vet clinic where I use to work was going to put her down due to the heart condition & I asked if I could have her. I loved her for 5 yrs. I miss her dearly. I have actually been looking to get a tri-color female Pembroke to show/hearding. If you know of one out your way please let me know:) Will you be going to the Cardigan Nationals in 09? Just sizing up the competition LOL

Rayna said...

Yay for the kids! I can't wait to give them lots and lots of hugs next month! :)

Franna said...

Ooooo, congrats! Majors are tough to come by. Here's to finishing soon!

What performance events are you into?

- Franna
with Labradors, a Welsh Springer Spaniel, titles in conformation, obedience, field, tracking and agility along with the sheep.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Yay for Zoe and Elle! MAJORS- WOOHOOO!! Those are hard to get and glad your girls both have one now!! YAY! Good job kiddo!

Garrett808 said...

Franna! Thanks for stopping by! I do rally, obedience, agility and conformation so far and dabble in herding here at our farm, but nothing competitive yet. I waiting for Suzanne to fly us all up there for a herding trial :) LOL

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

HA! You'll have to fly my butt down there to teach ya first!!!

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