Monday, September 1, 2008

They're bAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

First I must say I love my sister and her husband very much. they are very smart, willing to help anyone in need, and I respect them so much.


I just don't learn.

I'm too nice. Forgiving. Idiot.

I must have the saying "walk all over me" on my face.

Remember my sister's dogs last year? (a black lab and a Siberian husky)

*They girdled trees while tied up with cables to the trees.

*They chased the cattle through the fence at least three times.

*They snapped a $300 Willow tree at the base of the tree with their cables

*They chased cats and tried killing them

*One had Oliver in his MOUTH and was growling...thank God I was there to stop it

*Worse, they killed a pygmy goat by shredding it like hamburger and he later died of shock, infection and who knows what else. Other goats had scratches and scars on them.

My dad said some pretty hurtful things to me about the dogs. His main gripe is that they were 'supposed' to be inside a corn crib (its the only thing they couldn't chew, push, jump out of or dig under) the night they got out and killed the goat. I had been diligently taking the ram and goats out of the pen back to the barn on weekends they came home. I just asked that they call a day or so ahead of time to let me know that I needed to get them out of the 'corn crib' so the dogs could get put in there. They showed up later in the weekend and hadn't bothered to call me to have me move the goats back. I was gone that day and when I got home I told them to just put them in an 8 x10 chain link kennel.

We got back and the dogs had pushed or chewed through the chain link fence and climbed or pushed under a six foot high fence that hap pend to have a hot wire close to the ground.

When the vet was out helping to try and sew up the worst goat to get it (Rufus) He said in a matter-of-fact way "well at least you put the dogs down".

I said "no, we haven't yet".

I gave my sister and her husband two options. 1. put the dog down or 2. never have them come back. That was Memorial weekend.

Three weekends between then and Labor Day they were brought back due to a: not being able to afford a boarding kennel, b: no kennels had openings for their dogs, or c: they didn't have time to call one or look into it.

They assumed I would be OK after 'cooling off' and i didn't say anything any of these times because we had a houseful of guests here and I wasn't about to get into it.

However they were tied out about 50 ft and in plain sight of the sheep and goats.

Let's jump ahead to September when they moved back in with my parents on the FARM. They assumed because they moved so quickly that the dogs would just be welcomed there to help facilitate their problems.

Why make it mine again? I gave them two simple options (see above)

I told them if they were responsible dog owners they'd figure it out on their own and that its not my problem any longer. That's part of the reason I was trying to move OUT OF STATE last year.....My entire family siding with killer dogs that are LIABILITIES....they could kill again at any time...this time maybe a neighbors kid and then what?! What about their OWN child?!

Needless to say they were staying in town at my brother-in-law's shop and I thought the problem was solved.

Well its been a year, and they still haven't sold their house in Milaca and are still living with my parents.

My dad without consulting me assured them that when their baby was born they would be able to bring the dogs back to the farm. HELLO!?! I live here too, with all of my animals that cost a fortune and unfortunately my dad paid the vet bills and the price of the tree and goat, not my sister and her husband. They just don't get it.

So my dad and I are hardly speaking and then my sister says on Friday that she wants the dogs out here at the farm this weekend because our parents were gone on the motorcycles and that my dad, because he assured them they'd be out here on the farm, was having to go into town to let the dogs out. Again...not HIS dogs and he shouldn't have to do it.

I gave her a 30 minute lecture on why I hate giving an inch and her and Aaron taking a mile. I told them if they wanted to bring the dogs out on several conditions:
1. they be on leashes at all times attached to their hands. even from the car to the garage.
2. they would sleep in crates in their garage.
3. they be let out one at a time to go to the bathroom
4. if this worked they'd have to get muzzles to put on the dogs when they were out pottying in case they ripped the leash out of their arms while going to the bathroom and therefore couldn't kill anything with a muzzle on.
5. they can never be tied outside or let to roam..even from the car to the garage.

Well my parents came home a day earlier than I thought. Aaron took the dogs back to the shop and I thought everything was OK. While I was on my way to the barn to lock the girls in for the night (the sheep) I saw that Aaron had driven BACK into town to bring the dogs BACK!? WAIT!!!! What?? Excuse me? This is the give an inch, take a mile comes into play!

My parents are now home, the weekend is now over and they can go back to the shop indefinitely.

Am I wrong?

I've been more than gracious I think even giving them an option. It wasn't like it was their first 'offense'; it was the last straw!

All the dog owners (Sibe's breeders included) and all livestock owners and even city people have told me I'm right to feel and act the way I have and that I've been more than nice with them. The only ones that don't see this are my immediate family and my sister's best friend.

Am I being taken advantage AGAIN or am I being over reactive?

I just think that with all of my trees, my cardigans, my livestock that I have a lot to LOSE when those things get loose again and kill something.........................................

And its not my problem anymore, they are THEIR dogs and they should deal with it. If they can't afford to board them or care for them properly then they should not have them.



Rayna said...

And don't forget about snarling at Sadie...I think *maybe* if they found a home for one of the dogs...mainly the husky (no offense towards huskies, espicially since Denny wants one :( ), they probably wouldn't have a problem anymore. But yes, you know that I agree you have the rights there. You have been more than generous. You could have brought the police in if need be the first time to have them put the dogs down. Endangering livestock is baaaaad. I don't know if they'd ever hurt a kid intentionally, and they may not have even hurt the goat intentionally (maybe just playing...rough...Like Scharlea did with my goat...something about goats and dogs...They use goats for baiting lions and bear, something about the bleat they make...). Either way, you're in a tough situation and I wish you the best, but somethings gotta be done...

country girl said...

Rayna is so right. You should have called the dog police and had the dog put down when it killed the goat. It is unacceptable to have such a dangerous animal around. The next time it might attack a child. It's still not too late to take action with the police. You have let them walk all over you; they don't have that right.

Sharrie said...

Oh, Garrett, you don't need this problem, too. It must be such a burden with all that you are trying to do. I hope it gets resolved, but there is nothing much worse than a family problem like you describe.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

If they can afford dogs, they can afford a boarding kennel. I feel for you, there's no reason to have your animals killed and the worry and hassle of taking care of them. They aren't yours and don't belong on a farm or near any farm animals. You might have to resport to chaining them inside a box stall somewhere out of sight, Garrett. They sound horrible!!!!!!!!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

PS - next time they destroy an animal, how about calling the police or animal control to come get them? At least Sis would then have to pay to get them out of jail and might get the hint....grrrrrrr!

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