Tuesday, October 21, 2008

AI this weekend

Our Laproscopic Artificial Insemination is this weekend in a tiny town near Green Bay Wisconsin. I have twelve 'ladies in waiting' that are slotted for the trip. Most of them are getting quite experienced in the art of trailer travel. An update to the trip are hay nets for hay (for on the way home, on the way there they cannot be fed) and lights to dine by in the evening after AI is done on Sunday sometime.

The entire AI will be at Carol Wagner's wool mill and I was hoping to have some fleeces to take with, but am behind in skirting so they'll just have to wait. that is what winters are for right?

I'm excited I get to see Maureen Koch, Gail Former and Theresa Gygi again, as well as meeting LeAnne Reichert for the first time, as I missed her at WS&WF. Martin Dailey is our tech so it should be a good laugh working with him again.

I am heading out Saturday morning at some point and will get to Carol's after dark. Sunday will be a LONG day with many ewes to AI (I think there are at least 75+) and then either head back sunday night part way or stay over and go back Monday morning. Its a nine hour drive.

Ell and Zoe are headed to Sioux Falls, SD this weekend to go play show dog with Erica and Mary Morris. Both only need a major to finish (Ell needs a 5pt major or a major and a few single points) so let's hope that the judges like my girls better and give them the nod. It'd be nice to have Zo-Zo finished, but I guess why rush? She's gotten all her points in the last 3 months!

I'll keep you posted on both accounts!

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Sherilyn said...

Good luck this weekend! I hope to hear good news from you!


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