Friday, October 31, 2008

Photos from AI weekend

Hooray for photos!!

Here is Gail Former getting ready to scrub the ewe, while she watches Maureen Koch shear the belly wool. Maureen's brother Johnny is in the background trying to get out of the photo. NO SUCH LUCK BUDDY!

Theresa Gygi was the 'lab tech assistant' and thawed our 'little buddies' for us and made sure everyone went to the right ewe...thanks Theresa!!

Getting a better close up of Maureen and the serious business of shearing

Jeff Gygi (theresa's hubby) watching and waiting for Martin to get done so he can wheel the ewe over to me where he and I worked together stapling and spraying and injecting.

Another shot of Maureen, Gail and Johnny, with LeAnne Reichert (on the far left) and Carol Wagner (in the vest) joining in on the help

A better shot of Marin Daly of Super Sires doing the Laproscopic AI

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