Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Testing!

I've been a testing fool the past few months!

I just got my certified results back for NORMAL - Thyroid in both Zoe and Ell! It has already been sent to OFA for their records. I can't find Zoe's CERF copy (it was normal) but have been in touch with the doctor who looked at her and I"m getting a copy sent to me. Both girls will have their CERF's done again next June and also there will be a Cardiac vet there as well to do their Cardiac. Then all that is left is hips/elbows!

Zoe also was tested to see if she carried the fluff gene as her mother does. She was unlucky to get the gene from her mother so she is a fluff carrier. Just have to be diligent who to breed her to. Ell's dad was coated so she is also a fluff carrier. While it doesn't affect their structure at all, its nice to know.

On another note, Sioux Falls dog show brought Ell RWB both days, one was on a 3 pt major, the other just a single point. Oh well. She is still so young, she's got a great future ahead of her!

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