Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh Eliza!

We trudged out to the barn this morning in the wee hours of the night, in the rain and in the fog and in the pull sponges on ewes. I've been diligently watching the girls and they've all stayed in.....This morning I'm going through the girls, pulling sponges, giving hormones and we come to ELIZA and there is no I reach in a little bit thinking it must have gotten sucked up in there and nothing. Then dad finds one right in front of the feeder and exclaims...."well this can't be it". Yup it was. All the other girls had their sponges in. So it had to of happened in the last 18 hours because I fed them before going to dog class last night and everyone's sponges were in. I"m taking her with anyway and Martin is going to check her out, but it doesn't look good. What a bummer!

She'll probably get put with Jazz then this fall when I put the breeding groups together in a month or so. She'll have to wait her turn for the NEXT AI, and hopefully by then we'll have new rams imported to use! I guess she didn't want to be AI"ed this year. D'oh!


Becky Utecht said...

Oh darn, that's too bad Garrett! I'll keep my fingers crossed that she'll still be okay to AI.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Not too bad, though, to only lose one and at the tale end at that!

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