Sunday, October 12, 2008


I last blogged about sponges. I've heard such terrible stories of having ewes lose their sponges and have to be taken off the AI roster as their heat cycles were altered. I've heard of people using crazy glue to dab the end of the string that is attached to the sponge, and attach it to the skin next to the 'back end'. I didn't have any glue of any sort so just prayed that they would all stay in as they were all just past the pelvis when I inserted them (thanks for the long fingers God!)

Anyway the last two nights I've had terrible nightmares about losing all the sponges. Tonight I scoured the floor of the pens that the ewes are in and couldn't find any sponges. I thought perhaps one was lost and then ingested by another sheep, so had to gather all the girls up without stressing them, to see if the strings were still hanging out the back end. I broke down and got some rolled oats and alfalfa pellets to feed them. Those girls didn't move an inch when I went to lift tails and examine to see if the strings were still there. Most of the strings are long enough you can see them with the tail down. Phew. All 12 are still in and accounted for! I hope this AI is over soon.....its too stressful :)

Mac came home today. He was happy to see me and hasn't left my side. Oliver is less than enthusiastic about the situation, but the girls are all happy he's home and were playing quite rough with him (which he loved).

I have Zoe and Ell entered in Sioux Falls and then no more shows I don't think until St Paul. Maybe Shakopee, but I'd enter only Ell, as Zoe just needs a major to finish. There will be four bitches for sure at Sioux Falls on Saturday that just need a major to finish, so we'll see who the lucky one is that gets it that day!

We had another two inches of rain in the last 24 hours. I think I need to start building an Ark or have our area rezoned a continental rainforest :)


susan said...

Just to add to your paranoia.

Be careful when you go to remove the sponges and pull gently and slowly. One year I had the strings tear from the sponge leaving the sponge stuck inside the ewe.
Martin was kind enough to remove them for me but I was not able to AI those two ewes since the sponges didn't get removed at the correct time.

Carol Bator said...

I have not been through the process of AI'ing my own ewes, but I did hear of someone taking a red marker and making the strings on the sponges red so that they were easy to see hanging out of the ewe's back end. The ability to do a quick check would surely reduce the parania and nightmares :)

And if someone does not get AI'ed this year, you still have the straws. There will be another chance some other year.

I wish you could send some rain to me in Indiana. It has been very dry. I have had to start feeding hay almost a month earlier than usual since the grass has stopped growing due to a lack of rain. We could still grow grass here for about a month if it would rain. Then the pastures would be more vigorous in the spring too.

Good luck with the AI and the dog shows.

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