Friday, October 10, 2008

More rain

Another two inches today of cold, steady rain. Its currently 39 degrees and there has been rumored talk about wet, heavy snow flakes falling in with the rain. Yippee! I'm sure not ready for it yet!

In the past week we've had now 7 inches of rain and its reminding me more of spring, with flooded ditches and swollen rivers and creeks, than fall. The cow yards are more muddy now than they were this spring, and the driveway is an obstacle course trying to get in and out onto the main muddy gravel road. You know its rained a lot when the sandy soil is holding water!!

The dogs have been inside all day, except for potty breaks, but even the dogs are complaining about the rain, and refusing to go onto the grass to go potty. It does make for a good snuggle on the couch with the dogs....Mitcham on my chest, Zoe and Oliver on my legs, Sadie at my feet, and Ell on the pillow by my head. I think I need a bigger couch :)


Jen and Rich Johnson said...

It's the kind of weather that makes you wish the dogs could use your bathroom!

Rayna said...

Yeah...our dogs don't wanna stay out in this. The sheep pen looks like Noah's flood is starting lol. Everythings too wet...can't even get a trailer out in the field now. Now sure how much rain we've gotten, but it's certainly enough lol.

kristi said...

See, now why would you want to ruin all that good, faithful, warm dog love by getting married??? LOL

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