Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sadie Girl

Sadie was originally a show puppy. After her accident she and I proved that we 'rise from the ashes' so to speak, and win again. We did, back to back days in Shakopee. After those shows Sadie got a 'mental' issue where she would walk and act normal around or outside of the ring. You walked through the picked fence to the ring and she'd start limping. It really was a sympathy ploy I think. NO matter how much running and jumping and streching we did outside of the ring or prior to the ring, she would fake it. She was excused twice from the ring for being 'lame'. She sure was LAME trying to fake it!

Since then we have gone on to AGILITY! Yes you read it right. She sure isn't sympathy limping now, but I KNOW she really loves to run and jump in agility. Its her calling and I think ultimately what she enjoys the most. We even got our first agility title! NAJ! We typically had been jumping 8" and her third leg was moved up to 12" as she was a bit hefty then and the lady who measured her said she had a 1/4" of backfat on her withers (she was a 1/4" over 11") Sadie also has her CGC.

When I am at home brushing or blowing coat, grooming or doing nails, I do ALL my dogs so as not to have any 'favorites' or to leave anyone out. After I had groomed Ell and Zoe and did their nails it was the Princess' turn. She really glared at me so the photos I got were of her looking AWAY from the camera mostly as she didn't want to be on the table. *sigh* Silly girl.

I have always had a special place in my heart for my first dog. She's my heart dog and nothing will ever change that. IF she were still in conformation events I would have to say that her biggest fault would be her high rear. And yes, it was like that before her accident. Just check her show wins on my website and you'll see that. She also lacks some rear angulation in my opinion. But I love her overall type.

Showing off her nice neck (and ignoring me)

Sadie's best thing is her front. Its quite nice I think. Its the nicest in my house, although she is the oldest also (almost FOUR years old!) so she's had more time to grow into it. Sadie is also moderate in size. Her ideal weight (which she is at again!) is 28 pounds. There are many bitches that are getting too big in my opinion and I don't think they are able to do their 'job' anymore of herding cattle.

If you can't critique your own dogs, you'll never learn. Up next is Oliver!

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