Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ell is 1 today!

Ell, my youngest Cardigan, turned one year old today. I've only had her 9 months so I really haven't had her a year, it sure doesn't seem that long!

Ell and Mac are at my good friend Barb Peterson's house for a bit as I am not able to show this coming Saturday at the dog show as I have our bi-annual Exotic Animal Auction in Perham and I'm selling a lot of my well...exotic animals (mini horses, bantam chickens, ducks, pygmy goats, pigeons). I'm meeting Barb and the kids on Sunday morning to help show at the dog show. I'll be brining Ell back, but Mac stays with Barb for another week or so as she is showing him in Mason City the following weekend.

My house is eerily quiet. There is a LOT less barking, no morning or evening 'pack' howling, no more grumpy Oliver (he doesn't like it when Mac plays with HIS girls) and my bed is that much more empty. You'd think I'd welcome the extra room on my queen size bed, but I miss them all the same.

I know Barb is taking good care of them. My family celebrated Ell's birthday on Sunday and all the dogs got ice cream. It was Mitcham's first time eating it and he apparently wanted to savor it, while the other dogs pretty much inhaled theirs.

We don't do any hats or sing, but apparently they do at Barb's! I LOVE the photos Barb...thanks! It made my day! Ell's expression is hysterical :)

I miss my little Ell Bell!


Sherilyn said...

Happy Birthday Ell! Good luck at the show this weekend! :)

Aunt Sherilyn

dreameyce said...

Those pics are so adorable! I love her lounge sticking out in the middle pic! (It's my birthday, and I'll be a snot if I want to!)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Ell!!!

Mim said...

Your so good to your dogs! I enjoy reading your blog.

Rayna said...

Awww...Happy Birthday baby girl! She did so well on the car ride! Mac narfed at a few people, but Ell was just a princess, as usual :)

coopercreek said...

Happy Birthday Ell!!

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