Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mac Attack

Mac was only supposed to be here for socialing for a couple weeks. I mentally prepared for that idea and didn't want to get attached. Mac has an amazing personality. Very outgoing, loving, inquisitive and loves to be scracthed, played with, talked to or to investigate anything electronic..he loves watching the printer and the paper coming out...he just can't seem to grasp it ;)

Mac was a show potential puppy and I took him to Puppy Kindergarten and Conformation classes. I told Barb that since I was still trying to show Sadie, that I could show Mac also since I was already going to the shows.

Mac now has 7 minor points.

Mac is shown fresh from outside and its been raining so no grooming has occurred. He also WAS stacked but since I live alone it has to be 'as good as it can'.
Mac has a very pretty outline and level topline, nice angles in the rear and nice bone. He has a very straight shoulder, which is why he walks wide when coming and which makes him look like he has a short neck. Fronts are a bear to get right in Cardigans because of the dwarfism so no front is really perfect (that i've seen anyway).

From the front Mac looks pretty good. This photo makes him look really leggy but I think he has the right amount of leg.

He is now co-owned by Barb and myself and will be looking for his forever home if its not here. He'd be wonderful I think as a therapy dog and needs something to do like obedience or agility. He loves to please.

I'm not afraid to show photos of both fronts and sides of my dogs and welcome any suggestions or comments. Its a great way to learn about the breed and to see what is out there. You don't see many photos of Cardigans' fronts and its a shame.


coopercreek said...

Garrett, I agree that you don't see many pictures of Cardi fronts. The show photos are always from the side. Sarah and I got together this weekend and we took pictures of the dogs from different angles the best way we could while avoiding flying golf balls. It's always hard to do by yourself.

kristi said...

In Cardigans I am partial to the merles & tri's. I love Mac's coloring! I have found that some judges insist that Cardigan front legs should just be perfectly straight...I may not know "everything" but I am one up on that one:) So my question for myself is do I go tri Pem or Tri Card for my next puppy??? I enjoyed reading Oliver's story too:)I do enjoy all of your perspectives too on sheep:)

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