Sunday, October 19, 2008

Field Roads and dogs

I love my dogs.

They are like my children. (A good child prevention too I might add!)

I typically have them all out to go for a walk to get the mail everyday. Our driveway is a half-mile long, so round trip of a mile. Some evenings I'd take them on a walk down the gravel road an extra mile. Especially when Mac and Sadie were trying to lose weight (they don't get to use the scale option that I posted in a previous post :))

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I took my camera with to try and capture the dogs in their glory. They moved amazingly like a pack of dogs (except Mitcham, who is about a half-step behind me wherever I go), and trying to get them on video or camera just didn't work. They are such happy dogs here. Running and smelling and coming back to me to check in and then to run back down the road. Our field roads are about a mile from the closest gravel road so I felt totally safe with them on there versus the gravel road where I leash them. You can never be too careful there!

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. And see if they enjoyed themselves :)

Left side - Oliver, Mac, Zoe. Right side - Ell, Sadie.

here Mitcham got in on the action.

Mac, Sadie and Ell in the backyard.

Its hard to get a photo of Mitcham..........I have to jump back a few feet and try and take a photo!

He's growing up so fast! Can you tell it was windy yesterday? Enough to part his hair :)


Nancy K. said...

What happy dogs!
Did you dock Mitchum's ears?

He is SO awesome. I love his legs & feet...

Sharrie said...

Will you quit now? The more you talk about those dogs, the more I still want one. I do not need three dogs. You are right; they look so happy. The collies here had parted hair yesterday, too.

Sarah said...

awww, my city dogs are jealous seeing your dogs running in the country. :-(

Garrett808 said...

Hi Nancy! His ears were cropped as a puppy, and then when I got him, the breeder had glued his ears together so they would learn to stand up properly. I had to reglue them up higher as they weren't standing up yet.
It is now ok to show them with uncropped ears, but like most other breeds, its slow in coming a common practice and judges are used to seeing the regal upright ears.

Sharrie- hopefully puppies next year! After two dogs its much easier to add more :)

Sarah - you are welcome to come and visit any time! Bring the whole crew!

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