Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BFL breeding groups are together

I'm crazy.

I've NEVER put groups together this early before!

I decided to put the BFLs in with their BFL ram partners yesterday. I also put in a total of 10 shetland ewes with the BFL rams for mules. I was going to do more, but found that my neighbor, who was going to do 45 acres of rotational grazing and contract with me for four years to raise mules for him, has decided to quit farming (he and wife both work full time jobs as well, this was a second 'hobby' of theirs they were going to try. Since he hails originally from the UK, he would appreciate and understand the Three Tier System that the UK uses.

I will still try to find an outlet locally for the mules, and if not, will bring them to the lamb market...which for me is about 3 hours away. Its not strictly a lamb market but they sell lambs and will be anxious to see what the prices will be, and if it will be worth it to do market lambs or mules in the future. Especially having to drive three hours each way. Perhaps if the word gets out (as it has been) locally there will be more interest. You have to build your customer base I always I'll keep trying for that ;)

Lambs would be due March 1st if anyone was bred yesterday. I highly doubt ANYONE was bred yesterday as the rams were more interested in grazing, than sniffing rears on the ewes. I could be surprised. March 1st is always extremely cold and snowy here. I do feel however I need to have older lambs to number one, cycle in the fall earlier as lambs, number two grow better on pasture and number three have heavier weights for both shows and markets come fall.

I am breeding two BFL ewes to AI this fall. I've secured several straws of different rams so am anxious to see how they do for me. Gosh is it lambing season yet? :D


Rayna said...

Yeah, if I'm feeling up to it, I think I'm going to put a small breeding group together, or a couple small ones, so I have some bigger lambs for showing. Mom is really geared up about showing :)

Becky Utecht said...

Well you never know, March could be warm next year. But it seems like we've been having warm falls and cold springs the last few years. I have to admit, the thought crossed my mind for a few minutes. I am quite impressed at the size of the March-born BFL ram I bought this year. But when it comes to BFLs lambing in REALLY cold weather, I'm not willing to a chance, my ram won't go in until November 7th. And then I'll HOPE for warm weather in April. :-)

Somerhill said...

You are making me anxious to get my breeding groups together, Garrett. I try to be sensible, and you are a bad influence on me. :^)
I do have one ewe in with Lanark right now, but she is headed to a youth breeder here in Ohio, so I won't have to deal with early March lambs.
Now I've got my spreadsheet open again, considering all the possibilities.........

Juliann said...

Sorry to hear your mule plans fell through. Why don't you wait until a week or so before Christmas? I'll bet you'll get the best price of the year then. Otherwise, try holding them over for Easter but by then they might be too big.

Sharrie said...

Need your address and phone

Donna said...

Does that mean that Redbud hasn't gone into a breeding group yet? :-)
I'm open for ideas on this transport!!! I e-mailed Penny, too.
Tell me more about the too?

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