Friday, October 16, 2009

A few promising heifers

Speaking of calves....

These first two photos are out of my 3rd generation home bred bull, SenSim Tuscon, a black baldy bull, purebred Simmental (not fullblood, purebred...and yes there is a difference). This is SenSim Rosa. She is out of SenSim Reagan (who also is the aunt to the black baldy yes these two girls are sisters AND aunt/ very related) a gorgeous dark cherry red cow. Rosa's EPDs (expected progeny data) are just astounding, in the top 25% of the breed for 10 of the 13 top traits that the ASA (American Simmental Association follows). For my 'commercial' herd this past year we put black bulls over all of my reds, and my dads blacks and we got both red and black calves in both groups. This year, with smaller numbers we combined the two groups into one. This girl Rosa has everything I want in a replacement heifer, except I wish she had goggles around her eyes (pigment helps keep pink eye and skin cancer from sunburning at bay)

No I didn't just change the color of the calf in PhotoShop :P This is SenSim Renata out of SensSim Tuscon and SenSim Regina (daughter of Reagan). She looks almost identical to Rosa except for color of her hide. Her numbers are also breathtaking with nearly all of her EPDs in the top 15-25% of the breed. Both girls are being retained. Renata is slightly stretched in this photo but hey...she was standing still, with her head up. Something near impossible for me to get in the cattle OR the shee! And its they are kinda wet.

This little cutie of a calf is my favorite spotty of the year. I only had three spotted heifers (two of which are actually spotted, the other is just a carrier) and they were all born the first part of July , so only three months old. I havent' name her yet, but she is a stinker...finding ways to get in and out of the fence without leaving a trace. She kinda looks smug in this photo, doesn't she?
Below are three of my original four Guinea hens. They are ALL four HENS too. These are the plain Pearls, with one also being Pied.

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Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

I like the guineas!! Kaahhh kaahhh kaaahhh!!!!!!! LOL!

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