Friday, October 23, 2009

F1 ram lamb available

I have decided to part with WhitePine Uphaz, a musket smirslet sokket F1 Minder ram lamb. His lamb micron was AFD 22.4, SD 5.7, CV 25.7, CEM 10.8, CF 90% with fibers less than 15u 4.8%.

He is 69% UK out of Shirehill Minder and Underhill Ulla. He carries Aa (solid) and is brown based. AND he is spotted!! I didn't know before this but Minder was a spot carrier! One of very few F1s that are spotted, that is for sure.

His lamb photos:
Above he is just born.....

Below he and his brother Ulam grazing.
And again....(with mom right behind them)
And their lovely tails and rears.

if anyone is interested further, please email me for a more current photo and pricing.

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