Saturday, October 24, 2009

More F1 rams available

I have several other F1s available as well.

WhitePine Solomon SOLD- black ram - Campaign Timothy x Justalit'l Shasta. Solomon carries spots, possibly carries moorit and is 62.5% UK. He is intermediate in fleece with a soft handle, but little crimp.

Solomon was stretching after just getting up, but he is 4-square and otherwise nice conformation. He'll have more UK style horns.

WhitePine Rufus SOLD is also 62.5% UK out of Heights Orion x FirthofFifth Rooibos. He is more of a fawn color and again in intermediate in fleece with larger crimp in the fleece. His right horn (your left) lost its casing in the fenceline when he was quite young so it doesn't look as symetrical as it could.

Rufus was NOT cooperating this day...he was frozen solid/stiff and I could not hardly get a good photo

Close up of his fleece mid side.

WhitePine Phineas is out of Heights Orion x Underhill Peep. 75%UK F1 Orion,F3Greyling/F3Jamie. He is musket with possible poll gene (super slow growing horns)

He appears to be single coated with no glaring faults other than he appears to fall at the britch and is a bit narrow from the rear. He doesn't always look like that but sometimes, while resting, standing up he tends to look narrow. Maybe I'm being overly critical.A fleece shot mid side. He has not been microned.

WhitePine Philemon - twin brother to Phineas. His lamb micron was AFD 20.9, SD 6.2, CV 29.4, fibers less than 15 micron was 13.2%!! CF of 90.1% He has a long single coated staple with tiny crimp. He has full horns and is fawn/moorit in color. I was going to hang on to him but have rams wtih lower CV than he does. Wool on poll and cheeks, I cant seem to find fault in him, other than his higher CV.

If you biggify you may be able to see his lovely tiny crimp.


Kara said...

I am drawn to the F1 Orions. If hear of transportation coming this way at any point and Philemon could hitch a ride, let me know and I will have to seriously consider it.

Rayna said...

I <3 Philemon!

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