Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meet the Ewe - RiverOaks Lucy

I decided this might be a good way to introduce you to all of my sheep :) I won't do ALL of my sheep at one time, but a few here and there. Since I have so many, its hard to talk about them all at any given time. They all deserve some time in the lime light :)

So the first ewe:

River Oaks Lucy S24813 (Click Reg # to see pedigree)

Gray Katmoget ewe, single, Born 4.20.2007

AbAa BBBb SSS?, 34% UK. Proven poll carrier. Carries moorit.

Thanks Becky for these two photos! I couldn't find any recent ones!

Below is her 2008 micron test and histogram. Please click to biggify.

Below is Lucy's 2009 micron test and histogram.

Lucy has proven her worth as one of my softest ewes that is a producer!She has what feels like a very soft handle to her fleece, dense, cushy feeling. I thank Becky for letting me have this awesome girl! She will be AI'ed again this fall. This time to Heights Orion. Last year her ram lamb out of Willowcroft Jamie was just phenomenal! He is being retained as my foundation polled ram.


Michelle said...

If Lucy gives you a phenomenal daughter or two next spring and you decide you can part with her, PLEASE give me first dibs! She is just what I want -- a soft, poll-carrying "blue" katmoget!

Kara said...

I will take a ram lamb! :) Yes that was the "blue" I was talking about. Great photos on the forum.

Juliann said...

Beautiful girl, and I like "meet the ewe" posts. I recall Rich doing these a while back. They are a good way of showcasing your brood ewes. I know I get guilty of giving all my attention to the rams.

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