Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meet the ewe - Justalit'l Chloe

Justalit'l Chloe - S15371

Fawn Katmoget ewe, single born 4.2.03

AbAb, BbBb, SSSs, 31% UK F2 Minder

This gorgeous homozygous katmoget ewe is just a sweetheart of a ewe, as well as a superb mother.

Below is Chloe relaxing with her 2009 twin katmoget ram lamb out of Greenholme Holly, named WhitePine Caiphas. He does carry moorit and solid and his fleece was wonderful in lamb micron testing, and it is BLUE and super crimpy. Also note the huge horns!

Below is her 2008 micron. You can see that yes she is over 30 AFD, but she is so highly improvable that I've retained all of her offspring born here...three ewes and a ram lamb.

Below is her 2009 micron. She is now six years old and believe that after three years of microning her, her numbers will stay about the same at this point. I'm also going to be using her going on three year old daughter Koosi whose numbers are just unbeatable: AFD 25.6, SD 4.4, CV 17.2, CEM 7.5 and CF87.2. She is homozygous gray katmoget as both her mom (Chloe) and her sire (Todhill Jericho) are both homozygous katmoget. With numbers like that Chloe is a gem!

I'm so fortunate to have had the ability to use Chloe, but after next year, she will be available for sale as I will have so many of her offspring here to replace Chloe, some other flock certainly deserves her wonderful lines.

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