Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meet the ewe - WhitePine Skor

WhitePine Skor - S26419

Shaela ewe, single, born 5.6.07

AaAa, BBBb, SSS?, 28%UK

This was my very best home bred lamb my first year of lambing. She was born jet black to a ewe who had this very same coloring. As a lamb her first fall she looked dark brown, but upon shearing time, she was the same pewter color that her mother, Meleng was. As she has aged, her color gets more pronounced with each season. Last year she was bred to Barish in hopes of getting an emsket (he carries modified as well). This fall she be going to Heights Orion as he throws a lot of modified lambs (and hoping again for emsket) and always improves fleeces. If Orion can't do it, you don't have much else out there.
Skor's 2009 micron. She and her mother had always had really low AFDs but higher CVs. Orion's super low CV will hopefully improve Skor's rather high CV

Skor's 2008 micron (yearling) tests.
Its interesting that most of my ewes are black based but yet still carry moorit. Skor is one of these ewes. I have very few AaAa ewes as I've tended to keep sheep based on their micron tests and handle (and structure) rather than having an equal amount of all patterns/colors. As you can see most of my flock is not spotted, nor solid bodied due to this fact. Perhaps its just the lines I'm working with? But when I do get spotted or solid animals they are blessings! I have 4 black ewe lambs and 3 moorit ewe lambs i've retained in these very hopes!!


Kara said...

Oh her and Orion! Very nice...I can't wait to see that one! Dibs!

Juliann said...

Nice girl.
Those dominant colors and patterns can really take over. Kats naturally have nicer fleeces, its natural to have the fine fleeced flock gravitate towards them but boy can they take over.

Laura said...

I like Skor's fleece color! It would look great with moorit and fawn in a sweater or something! Do you think that kats over all (not just in your flock) have nicer fleeces than other colors?

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