Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sheep photos via phone

These were taken last week when it was still NICE OUT!

Above is WinterSky Layla, F1 Orion horned mioget ewe. She's such a love, and one of my nicest fleeced ewes. NCWGA registered.

Above is Beechtree Kershope (white) and Kiloran (natural colored) showing love.
And again......

And again!

Below is a view of Beechtree Kearsley laying down in front of me and Kershope's body on the left.

Sheep so content below that they lay within feet of me.

and again....

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Kara said...

Great pictures! Thanks for the email too. Now you have to tell me who is available now and who you anticipate available in the future and details on a BFL ram lamb, prices too. Next year transportation permitting still is the best time frame for me. I would love to use Ephraim for a season or two but I doubt you want to part with him. Do you know of anyone would want to share a ram? Lease options?

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