Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet the ewe - FirthofFifth Taika

FirthofFifth Taika - S25033

black gulmoget ewe, single born 4.28.07

AbAa, BBB?, SSS?, 44% UK

Taika was my very first gulmoget. I was dying to get one and Cynthia graciously allowed me to have one. Taika had very minimal side dusting as a lamb and it wasn't apparent until after her first shearing that she was going to have more of it. I'm not sure if she carries moorit, but could, and she is a full sister to Tilly, who I wrote about a few ewes ago.

Above is Taika and her daughter Talitha who is a Barish daughter from May of 2009. Taika looks dainty but she is not as refined as her full sister Tilly. This was one day after shearing.

Below is her 2009 micron report. Again, slightly higher CV but very workable.Most importantly, look at how HIGH up the left side goes. That means she has a ton of fibers at those numbers...which is a good thing :)

Below is 2008 micron. The overall histo looks the same for most of these girls.

I'm breeding her to Minder this fall. While she has a nice histo, it is a bit to the right trailing. I'm being selfish and wanting an Ag Gulmoget >:)

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