Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MUCH needed humor

The Shepherd's Lament

Now I lay me down to sleep,
Exhausted by those dog-gone sheep;
My only wish is that I might
Cause them not to lamb at night.
I wouldn't mind the occasional ewe,
But lately it's more that just a few:
Back into bed, then up again,
At two o'clock and four AM....
They grunt and groan with noses high,
And in between, a mournful sigh.
We stand there watching nature work,
Hoping there won't be a quirk:
A leg turned back, or even worse,
A lamb that's coming in reverse.
But once they've lambed we're glad to see
That their efforts didn't end in tragedy.
There's no emotion so sublime
As a ewe and lamb that's doing fine.
I'm often asked why I raised sheep,
With all the work and loss of sleep;
The gratification gained at three AM.,
From the birth of another baby lamb--
How can you explain, or even show?
'Cause only a shepherd will ever know!

Author: D. L. Salisbury, D. V. M.


Juliann said...

Garrett very clever. Did you write this?

Jenny Holden said...


penni said...

Great wrap up of how it feels to watch life.

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