Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Simmental Breed of Cattle

Its a rainy day and my back is still thrown out from holding and catching sheep yesterday for blood draws.

I thought it would be interesting to refresh my memory of my beloved Simmental breed.

This link is a great summation of the Simmental breed, but I wanted to quote a few things from this article.

*The American Simmental Association registers over 80,000 animals YEARLY in the USA alone! We are in the top four registries in the US for amount of calves registered each and every year. Truly NOT a rare or heritage breed.

From our associations webpage:

*Simmental as a breed are number 2 in the WORLD for number of animals (registered only, with unregistered there are undoubtedly many more) only behind the Brahma breed.

*The Simmental has between 40 and 60 MILLION registered animals worldwide! Being the 2nd largest and most popular breed certainly has its benefits.

*Even though there are 80 MN State Simmental Association members, there are closer to 400 breeders of Simmental in just MN alone. Truly a worthy breed to think about if you are thinking of getting cattle.

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Janis said...

Always nice to hear of someone who loves Simmental as much as I do.
Would love to see more photos of them on your website & blog.
I am the only person in Vermont with traditional Simmental.
Everyone else has gone black. Although I must admit that when I used a Reg Angus & a Reg Hereford bull on my Simm cows, they produced some incredible SimAngus and SimHerf ( Smurfs ) and the heifers I kept have raised heavy weaning calves with better carcass quality. Janis

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