Sunday, April 5, 2009

2nd calf :)

Well my dad's cow Tally calved with the bull calf in the previous post. My girl, SenSim Regina, a 2nd generation cow of mine was bred to 4th generation SenSim Tuscon, a black whitefaced bull that is now in OUR freezer :) This was my first year crossing my red cows to a black bull. I have usually used red bulls but didn't have the best EPDS on my boys in the areas I was looking to improve on. So I used the same bulls that my dad did. (even though I pick out who he uses too! LOL)

She is a black calf that carries the red gene (hence her momma is a dark cherry red cow). I've found with my simmental that the light black calves typically carry red (even when they are from two black would carry red obviously and would have been the light black at birth as well. This girl will get jet black as she sheds her calf hair. She is also yet unnamed as I can't decide on a calf theme this year. Last year we had Swiss names (Simmental are from the Simme Vally in Switzerland).


Cynthia and Christopher said...

She's a lovely looking girl Garrett. Congrats on the beginning of calving season.

Rayna said...

Oooh purdy! Too bad no goggles.

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