Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BFL lamb update

I guess I panic sometimes ;) After standing in the pen with the mom haltered and stripping out her udder last night, the baby girl who is yet unnamed, latched on and was waging her tail. I then took the halter off and left the pen. Kershope wouldn't stand for nursing. She'd lay down. Or circle the babe. I went back in the pen and just held Kershope's shoulder with one finger. She stood quietly and then chewed her cud! She would turn from time to time to smell the babies' butt and then continue chewing her cud! Sucess! I hoped.....

So this morning I got out at 6am to look for a pile of new shetland lambs as the moms are starting to be due today. Day 147 is actually today and I have many pathetic ewes out there. I know some were bred on thanksgiving, so that would make their due date tomorrow.

I went out to let the girls into their paddocks and there was Kershope standing, chewing her cud, and the babe was nursing and wagging her tail! Thanks be to God! I guess I am a bit spoiled with the Shetlands moms who have been nothing but attentive.

Kershope's babe weighed 11 pounds and I couldn't believe she weighed that much as she is very long and lean and all legs :) Photos soon of the standing babe. I'm off to work! wohoo!

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