Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What a day! I KNEW that some of the girls were looking fishy today. I was out cleaning yards and I had this feeling I had to wrap it up and head home. I'm glad I did.

I got home and saw Suzanne's ewe, Sheltering Pines Snow Cloud, had an amazing black yuglet sokket ewe lamb! I'm so jealous! I know Suzanne wanted spots and wanted a ewe and she got what she asked for. Maybe i'll have Suzanne tell my boys what "I" want in the future :)

Isn't she AMAZING? *sigh*. I really 'hate' (in a teasing way) Suzanne! :P She is 56% UK and out of Jazz. She wanted spots and I told her Jazz was her man!! I am a terrible liar....I was hoping that I could muster up the nerve to say she had one of the next black rams and keep the ewe for myself....but I"m not good at lying and I am really happy for her, even if I'm extremely jealous!!

The agreement was that Suzanne would buy Snow Cloud and I would breed her to a ram. Its hard to ship adult animals to Alaska without lots of testing and lots of shipping charges. So she would get the lamb (s) and I could keep Snow Cloud as payment for the breeding and feeding of her all winter. I will be sending the lambs around weaning time (6-8 weeks) so they are small enough to ship north. I think I'll be repeating the breeding this fall ;) I just hope she doesn't give me solid black ram lambs next year :P

I heard a baby lamb screaming from in the shelter. I ran to the shelter and there were 5 ewes crowding in the corner around this 'lamb'. All but two of them took off for outside and that is when I saw TWO lambs! Both White Pine Skor (shaela) and FirthofFifth Rahu (white) had a black ram lamb in the corner! One was 7 pounds, the other 4 pounds. Now the tricky part. Neither ewe was rejecting the other one, and were calling for BOTH lambs. The lambs are confused, the ewes are confused, and I am confused!! Ugh! The sire of Skor's is FirthofFifth Barish and the sire of Rahu's is UnderTheSon Arapaho. I was hoping Rahu was a moorit carrier and the lamb would be moorit (or white in this case) so I knew who for sure the father was. If either turn out, I am going to have to do a DNA test on at least one ram, ram lamb and ewe. I just hope i got the right lamb with the right mom. I assume that Rahu's is the 7 pounder and Skors is the 4 pounder as this is Skor's first baby and assumed her's would be smaller anyway.

Here is the smaller boy. I think he is from Barish x Skor
I believe this is Rahu's boy. Both boys have HUGE horn buds!


C-Myste said...

That little panda-colored one is about the cutest thing I've seen lately!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Oh my - talk about good luck! Isn't she beautiful?!!! But she was supposed to have two - one for you also! Jazz was a good boy! Yay!
:-)I did call too btw.......and yep, I slept three whole hours - pooped!

stephen rouse said...

Wow! She is amazing! Talk about luck of the draw! And there is a possibility she carries the modifier! (Snow Cloud's emsket spotted)

Gail V said...

Holy Crap! You're so funny. I'm glad to hear you sound just like I feel. These sheep must really party hearty when we make up the breeding pens, they pop all at once when it's time. . .
congratulations on your good-looking babies.

corinne said...

Suzanne, Just so you know....I am stealing your lambie!!

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