Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Mitcham (and a few corgis)

Hey Look Sarah more Mitcham! I feel bad that he has to go to Auntie Mary's house while I'm gone away but he'll have a ton of fun with the Irish Setter, the GSP puppies and my surrogate GSP Rukkus :) Please God save his coat while he's gone !! :)

He is 'looking' through his hair at me...trying to act innocent. *note* the large pile of stuffing. That was NOT a toy but one of my couch pillows!!!!!!!!! Oh well, I needed to update :)

I had to reglue his ears as he is teething and I didn't want to have the cartiladge break in his ears....and since we aren't debuting him until the Fargo show.....that gives us about two months or so to get them up nice again.
A shot to show the beautiful tawny color coming in. I'm not sure if he'll have that gray overlay or not. His breeder says that Briards can change color from year to year so who knows what shade he will end up as.
Sadie and Zoe. My red eye button didn't seem to darker Zoe's one eye enough. She really isn't like that in person :)
Here this one is better. She always looks so sad....maybe she's looking for sympathy? More scratches? Without the camera she is chewing on her favorite indestructable toy ( although she has destroyed it now) as we speak so I think its just a ploy....


Sharrie said...

Gee, it is good to see that someone else's dogs get into trouble. You are right; the girls look so serious in the pictures.

Hope you settled the "crate" thing. Good luck next week to everyone!!!!!

This and That at Qwaynt Cardigans said...

Sadie looks very good!!! , Have fun at the national. I hope you bring home some titles with nice big ribbons GOOD LUCK and have a great time.


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